project of three Goats per family

This is the project of three Goats per family. 30% of  poorest families will benefit from the project  Family members will have access to basic needs after 1 year.

Health insurance, meals of day, House rehabilitation, Clothing, Basic education, Benefited families will be able to pass new goat (kids)  to new selected beneficiaries, Beneficiaries will improve crop production through land fertilization.

Fruit trees for successful meal project

This is Fruit trees for successful meal project and environment conservation, Reduction of global warming, Poverty reduction, balanced diet,  income generation

Why I donate three fruits trees? Is to overcame acute malnutrition under 6 years old Description of activities
 • shade construction • land preparation • seed bend • watering
• grafting • security • transportation • distribution • upkeep training • distribution  • follow-upDonate three fruits  with recommended by $ 15  or donate more fruits accordingly

Your school sponsorship

With your school sponsorship, you support all children in the school and contribute in the community. As a school sponsor, you help us to:

  • create a caring family environment for children who cannot live with their parents
  • ensure education and training for children so they have better opportunities in life
  • ensure access to healthcare for children 
  • support communities who participate in our educational, training, healthcare, and family strengthening programs


Teachers at Victory ECD Education Centre and other schools for our area of Interventions are paid about $ 40 to $70 a month as transportation. These salaries are at the low end of salaries paid in Nyagatare district and in Rwanda at large. We would like to pay competitive salaries that reflect our caregivers advanced skills and knowledge, experience and desire to learn more, dedication to their professional work, and that can reasonably support a family. Inflation in Rwanda is eroding our teachers’ ability to even purchase food for themselves.

Most live in small, rented rooms. Several teachers have a bicycle for transportation, the others all walk to school. We also rely on volunteers to provide support for children with differing abilities, music, French, English, work as substitutes, and engage in many other roles. Recommended amounts:$70 pays a teacher or Volunteer (with benefits!) for one month.$140 pays a teacher or Volunteer (with benefits!) for two months. $840 pays a teacher or Volunteer (with benefits!) for one year.


We are helping teen mothers to get sewing skills So that one day they will be able to help their Kids for resilience with positive lives.

You can donate $70 for TVET and  scholarship for volunerable teenmothers


More than 71% of the families of children in Victory ECD Education Centre are unable to pay their children’s school fees. A scholarship fund, Fund a Future, has been established to pay part or all of these fees. Some parents do volunteer work as well to ensure their children get a high-quality education. Solely donors to PPAF support fund a Future.

In Victory ECD Education Centres parents who cannot pay withdraw their children. Consequently, many children fend for themselves on the street and are ill prepared to enter primary school, so their risk for dropping out in early primary is high.DONATE TO TUITION ASSISTANCERecommended amounts.$285 supports a preschool or primary student for one year. This includes school tuition, porridge, uniforms, & enrichment activities during school breaks.

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