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Athanase,the founder and CEO of Parenting African Psychological Foundation. He is a professional in early childhood development and special need education for the special learning area, a consultant of early childhood and primary education in individual deference in learning outcome. Athanase initiated and directed all PAPF projects in Rwanda since 2019, and hope to continue to expand the number of beneficiaries.

 Title: Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Prosper has accomplished Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering where he mainly focused on social machinery for community services. He had a lot of significant professional experience on Area Development Programs through trainings and courses on Social and Economic Development Entrepreneurship. He has contributed in different projects design and implementation as well as creating tools to help the system’s evaluation, operational requirements and assess their performance. In his most recent times he served as facilitator for national and international volunteers; there he has gained more expertise on international environment.

 Title:Chief Operational Officer

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MUKANKUSI Alphonsine

Alphonsine is an educationist who is specializing in economics and computer science with education, through experience of working with people our initiative contributes to sustainable development as it is aimed by Rwanda.

 Title: General Secretary Officer 



Marie Yvette is a professional in early childhood and lower primary education. She is children’s educator and care provider with great initiatives for advancing the positive parenting in community for intention of having future generation with positive values and attitudes and now she is representative of school of early childhood development. Since 2016, she used to serve skills, values and attitudes in education and seminars for competence-based curriculum; Marie Yvette is head mistress at victory ECD education center and continued to work with PAPF to find new beneficiaries.

 Title: Co-founder&Treasury officer

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Frank is professional in early childhood development and education with initiative to people’s transformation through educating and mobilizing societies and communities, he is reliable partner for quality education beyond boarders.

 Title:Community outreach and volunteer coordinator



Eric is a professional educator with over 5 years of experience working with children day to day, he has specialized in primary education set in ECDE, heis an ECDE adviser,organizer,trainer and materials developer who is open minded, innovative, hardworking, enthusiastic and strives to takeinitiative.

 Title:Education and child protection officer



NIYUKURI JONAS is a Professional in Science of Education pedagogical Documents, he also computerized skills and he has been a volunteer in Red Cross in terms of helping the special need education Initiatives, social economic development contribution to disadvantaged communities so that social inequality will gradually disappearing in communities

 Title:Poverty Reduction Officer


HIRWA Gloria

Gloria did Master's Degree in Urban and Rural Planning with a specialization in community development from Beijing Jiaotong University. In her research, Gloria published an article called “Contribution of solar Energy for sustainable Urban development in Rwanda” in Civil Engineering and Architecture journal. With a solid foundation in urban studies including city planning, sustainable development, and land use. From examining land use / potential and promoting corresponding plans and policies to holding public meetings and ensuring compliance with local ordinances and regulations, she is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to positively impact team.

 Title:Director of social service



After reaching to Bachelor’s Degree level in Finance; Ambrose has dedicated to work so hard to reach and keep any professional position.” He has joined Energy Speed Up Company” (ESU) where he has served as project manager for a period of 4 years. Particularly he is involved in sustainable development programs as well as social economy; his role in financial analysis has brought him to a level of being valued by several projects owners where he provides a considerable assistance for their projects. He has been considered as analyst, risk detector of several projects either social or commercial for the community. His goal is to become servant for the community in order to alleviate poverty for a sustainable development.

 Title:Project Designer and Management



Siborurema Alphonse is a bachelor Degree holder in Geography and Computer science with Education, He studied Mathematics, Physics and Geography in Secondary school, is currently working as a project communication work at FCP RW0259 Evangelical Restoration Church Ryabega that supported by Compassion international. He spent his previously years in education of primary and secondary for 10 Years, teaching Mathematics and Physics. He holds various certificates of appreciations through his faithfully activities in his carrier and society at large. INITIATIVES: Woman and child empowerment and permanently life transformation through society mobilizations and fighting against ignorance.

Director of Philanthropy



NIYIRERA Emmanuel was born and raised in Bugesera, Rwanda . He went to the Collage of Science at Rilima and he is professional in human Science , Emmanuel started his a Internship in Gashora Health center on growth Monitoring of children in 2018. He was continued with malnutrition and stunting control in Fondazione marcegaglia onlus. Currently he is practitioner and facilitator in field of health and nutrition to overcome the Acute malnutrition in our communities at large, he initiated to contribute on Parenting African Psychological Foundation's goals and objectives, we will a till no one left behind.

Healthy and Nutritionist Coordinator

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NSHIMIYIMANA JANVIER is Rwandan, 26 years old; he is in his last year of university, where he is studying tourism and travel management. He is a poet, photographer, writer and personal blogger. He mostly blogs on aviation, in various times he has attended different trainings on software developing, web designing and social media management. He was a warded with different certificates such as the ICDL certificate (International Certificate of Digital Literacy) and IATA Certificate (International Air Transport Association Certificate) in airport ground operation. In 2017, he worked with Gasore serge foundation on addressing the importance of Reforestation in Rwanda. In 2018-2020 worked closely with Fondazione Marcegaglia onlus Rwanda through the VT (Virginia tech university outreach program) project of giving clean water the residences of Rilima sector in Bugesera. On 11 February 2019, he participated in the aerodrome emergency full-scale exercise. He has also attended International Youth Fellowship pre-deployment volunteers’ training and served in 2019 Youth Connekt Africa Summit held in on11th October 2019.

ICT & Social Media Manager

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