The Journey

Parenting African Psychological Foundation (PAPF) was founded in 2019 by 
Athanase NZABANDORA  and his wife Marie Yvette  HABAKUBANA , to advocate for the increment of positive parenting and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) for communities, and to provide caregivers and persons with ability to raise fully functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society.

Originally, in 2016 the  family founded school called Victory ECD Education Centre, after seeing challenges  in education where the parents were not able to treat their children  positively. They decided to create the response for the  large community  as non-profit and non-governmental organization in 2019  that reflect on the school’s mission, vision  and core values, Therefore PAPF are responsiveness to people dealing with positive parenting, poverty, physical and mental disorders teen mothers, Early marriage and empowering youth & women  through technical and vocational training. Because the word “Parenting” captured the essence of the Athanase’s  experience, one-way journey of progressive loss.

The organization is the product of Mr. Athanase’s experience as caregiver for his children who have behavioral problems and he collaborated with ECDs Educationist mainly in early childhood and lower primary education, parents and caregivers who have been trained to handle children’s behavior positively,  equality and gender based for attention to these irresponsible to them and to the next generation.

One of the organization’s first actions are to advance children’s right and women empowerment (parents) and to establish social and gender inclusion comprised of leading good fathers and mothers of the positive community which will helped people to have good health and wealthy professionally  across Rwanda and Africa at large, their culture of collaboration and excellence has been a foundation for the organization’s growth.

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