Frequently Asked Questions


Parenting African Psychological Foundation, after making the study about the community how they parent their children, wwe decided to teach and  parenting them how to parent kids positively mainly to focuses on psychological influence and factors most especially teenagers and adolescence peoples.

We almost covers the psychological factors in all welfoir of the lives

Parenting African psychological Foundation is in the process of having a registration number from Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).


The Parenting African Psychological Foundation (PAPF) was founded in 2019 by

Athanase NZABANDORA to advocate for increment of positive parenting and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) for the communities and to provide caregivers and persons with ability to raise fully functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society to find information and support of community.


Originally founded in 2016 as the Victory of Early childhood Education Centre , the organization changed its name in 2019 to reflect PAPF’s responsiveness to people dealing with poverty,  physical and mental disorders. Because the word

“parenting” captured the essence of the PAPF experience.


Ending poverty and hunger in our community, quality  inclusive education to all people,to provide rehabilitation to people that have different challenges mainly mental and physical impairment, provision of women and child empowerment for the intention of respecting their rights and end to reduce the violences that people have done to them.

Our values in work helped us to have the activities which are always talked about in society  through transparency, integrity and respect for human rights at all corners of lives.


We get donation from online giving, and through fundraising 

And  we hope in coming year we shall adopt all forms of funding the charities and foundations

We work with local leaders in selecting beneficiaries in different programs we offer and Our volunteers prepare well the way of distributing to them, more than 850 we have used to reach out to them according to the appropriate needs  and distribute to local people year-round. 

Therefore your financial support will help us keep our highly efficient models running so we can continue to serve disadvantaged communities and vulnerable children  who are in need while also providing a meaningful opportunity for families, societies and communities to come together.

There are, 

To fully raise functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society


To support community-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance development

To build capacity and sensitize children and communities on sexual reproductive, Health, rights and other preventable viral illnesses like HIV and chronic hepatitis

We  train the parents and their kids how they can become resilient  in their daily life once the research shows positive impacts to them.

We have collaborated with our government  since 2017  when it started as a school and from 2019 as an NGO Parenting African Psychological Foundation. It’s still collaborate professionally 

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