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About Us

Parenting African Psychological Foundation (PAPF) was founded in 2019 to advocate for the increment of positive parenting and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) for communities and to provide caregivers and persons with ability to raise fully functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society.


We strive for survival and development for women and children's protection all over the world and lead them for everlasting life changes.

Our Vision

To implement sustainable development through providing opportunities of life savings, for new generation which will led to access for worldwide investment.

Our Values

Respect for human rights,Social and Moral Responsibility, Co-operation beyond boarders, Transparency, Non-profits integrity ,Comprehensive view points& Voluntarism

Our goals and Objectives

Inspire and empower children,

I. To inspire and empower children, young people, communities to make crucial change that tackles the root causes of discrimination against people with disabilities, exclusion and vulnerabilities.

Ending violence against children

Our local, national and global goals include ending violence against children, Gender based violence, building peace and inclusive societies, decreasing inequalities and emphasizing on environmental factors that affect global sustainability. Gender equality and importance of empowerment of girls, women and disabled people also play a key role in the goals.

Reaching Experience

To be ready to change in practice and policy at local, national, global level through our reach experience and knowledge of the reality’s children face

Poverty reduction

V. To the education development, will help our goal reveal its overall objective to contribute to poverty reduction and a fair world with increased opportunities for all. For PAPF Rwanda this is critical as we strive to reach the most excluded, marginalized disabled, girls, boys and young people


To strive for survival just African development that advance children's right All over the world.

Social development

VI. To work for the social development of under privileged individuals, groups and communities in Africa and beyond

Health care development

To encourage health care development and health promotion to assist the process of social integration and personal realization of under privileged children, young people, adults and families.

Children's rights

To promote holistic development of children all over the world and To maintain children's rights and protection as to helping them to survive as well as non-vulnerable human.

talent Development

To develop children's talents and put them on the whole world standard direction of bringing life changes and determination of achievement.

  • Main Objectives
  1. communities by offering training, empowerment and exposure to life-changing innovations.
  2. To fully raise functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society.
  1. To mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for vulnerable children
  2. To ensure that children are safe, healthy and protected at home, in schools and Communities
  3. To facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children through sports, music, dance, and drama
  4. To support community-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance development
  5. To build capacity and sensitize children and communities on sexual reproductive, Health, rights and other preventable viral illnesses like HIV and chronic hepatitis
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